Genel, İşletim Sistemleri, MS Server 2012 R2

  Merhaba arkadaşlar uzun bir aradan sonra güzel bir bilgiye değinmek istedim. SNI daha önce duymuş olabilirsiniz açılımı Server Name İndicaiton dır. Dibine kadar açıkla lan diyenler için LİNK ekledim VPN açıp bakabilirsiniz J     Kısaca özetlemek gerekirse yıllardır süre gelen IIS ...

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  • Equifax to Pay up to $700 Million in 2017 Data Breach Settlement
    by [email protected] (Wang Wei) on 23 Temmuz 2019 at 07:55

    Equifax, one of the three largest credit-reporting firms in the United States, has to pay up to $700 million in fines to settle a series of state and federal investigations into the massive 2017 data breach that exposed the personal and financial data of nearly 150 million Americans—that's almost half the country. According to an official announcement by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC […]

  • Dashboards to Use on Palo Alto Networks for Effective Management
    by [email protected] (The Hacker News) on 22 Temmuz 2019 at 17:53

    Enterprises should expect to see more cyberattacks launched against them. The data that they now gather and store have made their infrastructures key targets for hackers. Customer data and intellectual property can be sold in the black market for profit, and sensitive information can also be used by hackers to extort them. Enterprises are now aggressively shifting their workloads to t […]

  • Zoom Video Conferencing for macOS Also Vulnerable to Critical RCE Flaw
    by [email protected] (Unknown) on 19 Temmuz 2019 at 19:45

    The chaos and panic that the disclosure of privacy vulnerability in the highly popular and widely-used Zoom video conferencing software created earlier this week is not over yet. As suspected, it turns out that the core issue—a locally installed web server by the software—was not just allowing any website to turn on your device webcam, but also could allow hackers to take complete contro […]

  • Kazakhstan Begins Intercepting HTTPS Internet Traffic Of All Citizens Forcefully
    by [email protected] (Unknown) on 19 Temmuz 2019 at 18:03

    If you are in Kazakhstan and unable to access the Internet service without installing a certificate, you're not alone. The Kazakhstan government has once again issued an advisory to all major local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) asking them to make it mandatory for all their customers to install government-issued root certificates on their devices in order to regain access to the Internet […]

  • Hacker Stole Data of Over 70% Bulgarian Citizens from Tax Agency Servers
    by [email protected] (Wang Wei) on 18 Temmuz 2019 at 17:04

    Eastern European country Bulgaria has suffered the biggest data breach in its history that compromised personal and financial information of 5 million adult citizens out of its total population of 7 million people. According to multiple sources in local Bulgarian media, an unknown hacker earlier this week emailed them download links to 11GB of stolen data which included taxpayer's persona […]